Lady Gaga - or Stefani Germanotta - was destined for stardom. She had the passion and talent. Her early gig at the Bitter End - pre-Gaga - shows the path she was on before she was famous.

Lady Gaga - aka, Stefani Germanotta - was writing music early in her life. As she grew as an artist, she worked with producer, Robert Fusari, who helped hone her natural talent. There was a falling out and lawsuit that was later settled. Rumors have it , during this stage of her life, Gaga's name came from the Queen song, Radio Gaga.

Gaga spent time dancing with Lady Starlight in clubs - and Lollapalooza - as her stage presence and costumes started to hint at what would later become her trademark style. This was a period around 2007.

Then, of course, the masterpiece - Fame and The Fame Monster were recorded and released. The rest is history.

This gig at the Bitter End in 2006 shows some of her on stage gumption she would develop in years to come. The wild clothes and crazy antics evolved over time.