You've probably seen the media discuss the need for Maine lifeguards just as I have recently. Pools and swimming areas are opening for the summer, but they can't seem to find enough lifeguards. Fox 22 reported:

Yeah, it still is a challenge, the Y here in Bangor has been great they're offering a class this weekend, that it still has space for, again, what a better way to spend a summer than by a pool and serving a need here in the community," said Parks and Recreation Director, Tracy Willette (from

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The entire state of Maine reportedly is having trouble finding lifeguards to serve its vast amount of summer favorite watering holes. How difficult is it to become a lifeguard? A brief search showed me that you only have to be 15 years old. Ok, I'm 41. What else do I have to do? Time to find out.

Looking Like Zac Efron is NOT a Maine Lifeguard Requirement

At least I didn't see that on the list of requirements on Ever since watching the latest Baywatch, I've been eating nothing but kale and doing 500 pushups a day in preparation of possibly picking up a summer gig saving lives ... (ok, 100 pushups a day, and kale on the side next to my tacos).

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The city of Bangor is actually (OK, ONLY 10 PUSHUPS A DAY) looking for lifeguards who are good swimmers, great with people and children, motivated, attentive and a few other things but I got distracted. See the rest of the required qualities and apply here. 

You Also Need to Be Lifeguard Certified in Maine

All lifeguards must hold a current American Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR, AED and First Aid certification prior to the start of the season. Reimbursement for lifeguard certification available. -

Ah, I think we found where most aspiring lifeguards get discouraged. Well, these are small hills, or waves rather, to conquer.

To get CPR/AED certified, click here. That easy. Training class is an hour or two (if I remember correctly) and I believe everyone should have this certification. You never know when you might be presented with an opportunity to save a life, especially of someone you love.


Receiving your Red Cross lifeguard certification appears to involve a few more steps, but nothing that can't be completed fairly quickly, however, you do want to make sure you retain the information so you can be that hero with a whistle if needed! The certification requires three assessments and a 50-question exam at the end. Click here to get it done and have a fun, satisfying job this summer!

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