Back from the break!

The Thanksgiving break is over and several students and staff at MSAD #1 in Pres que Isle have tested positive for Covid-19. On Monday the district released a memo to the public of 23 known individuals who have tested positive for the virus.  


MSAD #1 does offer pool testing which has to be opted into for students and staff throughout the district. The latest round of pooled testing identified 42 close contacts across the all the schools that will now be in quarantine for at least 10 days. Of the 23 positive cases, six of them are at Mapleton elementary, five at Pine Street elementary, two each at Zippel elementary and Presque Isle middle, and eight cases associated with the high school. The district plans to keep all the schools open, as has been the policy since the start of this past school year.  

Update on the Updating procedures

Superintendent Ben Greenlaw says that the memos the district has been sending out each time they learn of cases in the district, will now go out once per week with a weekly total. The district does have a dashboard here, which is updated daily and can help you keep track of the spread at MSAD #1.

Deep breath, parents

The hurdles for parents during this school year seem to get higher and higher as time goes on. As the week began, I have heard from several local parents who are experiencing delays in receiving test results back for their children and families. In some cases, the results are taking a full week to get back to the individuals and families. This is creating a great deal of uncertainty in homes where both parents are working full-time, and at a time when the pace of the holiday season is already enough. I want to remind you all once again; you are not alone. We are all tired and frustrated. We all want our kids to get their childhoods back before it's too late.

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