We may be reuniting with the Avengers sooner than expected. The still-untitled Avengers 4 was set to hit theaters next May, but a new report from IMAX suggests that date has changed.

As spotted by CBR.com (h/t /Film), a recent quarterly earnings report from IMAX includes the company’s 2019 release schedule. A handful of the dates are ones we already know, from Glass to Shazam and Captain Marvel. But most interesting is that Avengers 4, originally set for a May 3, 2019 release, is now listed as April 2019.

The explanation could be as simple as a mistake on IMAX’s part – maybe they’re just big MCU fans and got a little excited? It could also be referring to the film’s international release of April 26, 2019, but all the other films in the report are listed with their domestic dates. So perhaps we are getting Avengers 4 sooner than expected; after all, bumping the release up by a month wouldn’t be unheard of for Marvel. The studio did the same with Infinity War last year, pushing the release up one week from May 4 to April 27. They did it in a pretty cute way too, revealing the news in a Twitter exchange with Tony Stark himself. So if this is the plan, did IMAX muck up the change and spill the news early? We checked with a Marvel representative to find out, but have yet to receive comment.

Either way, we still have plenty of time to keep theorizing about what the heck the title will be and pressing Angela Bassett for spoilers.

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