Last Saturday night, people gathered at UMPI's Weiden Auditorium to hear local talents belt out tunes, enjoy homemade goodies and raise a bit of cash to support the Huskies.


With no financial support from schools or tax dollars the Aroostook Football League depends on the generosity of donations and money from annual fundraisers.

Those who operate the league are volunteers and often sacrifice evenings at home with their families- sometimes devoting 20+ hours a week to the team.

I had a chance to speak with one of the team's founders, Stu Wyckoff:

The volunteers are responsible for renting fields, providing lights, insurance, sideline medical personnel, referees, transport to away games and team equipment. The necessary equipment to keep each player safe costs about $600.

Here are some videos from Saturday night:

The Huskies were proud to announce that they will be a pilot site for the NFL USA Heads Up Program, there is only one site per state. The goal will be to keep the head and neck out of the game and reduce the risk of serious injury- ultimately keeping kids safe.

The team also hopes to expand the program by adding flag football for younger kids in 1st - 6th grade, tackle football for middle and high school girls and the development of their own field.

If you would like to support the Aroostook Football League visit


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