Wow what a week and a half this has been for all projects from Island Falls to the Allagash and everyone in between. The official snowmobile trail report as of 12/15/16.


The County clubs have certainly been busy clearing all the trees that have fallen from some of the heaviest snow that has ever come down. A lot of the clubs are reporting very good progress while there are some that will need another week of cutting before their sections are at 100%. So please use caution when out riding as not every club has had a chance to put up signage due to the fact of all clubs were dealing with getting the trails opened to allow groomers to get through.

Caution should be advised for this weekend as tomorrow’s wind might possibly bring more trees down as the weather service is calling for gusts up to 40 MPH and with the snow that is still on the trees we might experience more damage.

Despite what has happened with the heavy snow and downed trees there is some decent riding here in the Crown of Maine. Fields in the Central Aroostook area are very well covered for this time of year, but remember please do not venture off of the groomed trail as you might not like the outcome. Some of the wooded sections of trails in the Caribou, Limestone, and Fort Fairfield area have not been opened or there is a detour until the ground freezes.


Trail 71A in the Ashland area will be closed due to logging for the season. Trail 61 in Washburn will also be closed until further notice due to logging. Trail 94 from the intersection of 105 and 79 to the Caswell intersection of trail 89 is closed due to a big washout that will not be repaired this season. Trail 94 will be open to trail 89 going through Cyr Plantation, this section of trail still has not been brushed out yet. Caribou will be out on their section of 89 once halfway brook freezes until then please stay off this section of trail.

With this being said here is what has been done and reported in decent shape, please don’t forget that we are extremely early and there might be some branches still hanging down so ride with caution.



ITS 83 from Houlton through to the Valley is in good shape, remember that there is a reroute in the Bridgewater area the trail now goes up and around number 9 mountain. The trail is marked and groomed. In the Presque Isle area please use the 83 by-pass, once through this it gets better heading north. In the Caribou area stay on 83B to avoid a small section of ITS 83 due to not able to get through because it is wet. The rail bed to Stockholm and continue north it is good.

ITS 90 Fort Fairfield has come through to behind Dodo’s Market and Caribou has been through there is a small detour on Fort’s end but it is groomed. Caribou will be going out to open their western section of 90 on Saturday. Portage has come down all the way through to 105 and reporting this section in good shape.

The information in this report is only as good as the sources that report it. The purpose of the report is to help snowmobilers make decisions about their trips and to insure their safety. The report will be expanded as sources provide information..........accurate info that is.

ITS 85 is still not connected all the way through as Ashland will be using an excavator to work on their section tomorrow. Oxbow is still working on their end. From Portage to Eagle Lake and further North the trail is reporting that it is in decent shape. Fort Kent is reporting that their section is in good shape.


120 the Deboullie trail has been opened from Allagash down to their turn around, but Eagle Lake is working on a section of a 4-mile stretch South of Red River camps is still not cleared and a lot of water.

ITS 92 From Fort Kent up through St. Francis to Allagash is reporting this section of trail in good shape.

ITS 81 is still very fragmented and still has issues on the Van Buren end and. Van Buren and Grand Isle are still working hard to connect their ends. 105 trail from Van Buren through Stockholm and South to Mapleton is in good shape. Chapman is reporting that their section is not cleared yet and they will be working on this stretch over the next few days. ITS 88 From Fort Fairfield is reported open all the way to Ashland, there is a water hole in the Frenchville area and they are hoping that it will freeze by the weekend. 73B is officially open and no markers, markers will be installed next. Pass at your own risk. Trail 81 (Swedes Trail) will be worked on throughout the weekend.

Trail 79 in the Long lake area has not been cleared as of yet, so if you are looking at getting around the lake the best trail to do so is ITS 83.

Reports that I am receiving are the valley trails are in good condition and are getting better every day.

Trail 89 (Connor Trail) is only open to the Black Bear Lodge. The Caribou Club will look to get up through on Sunday and meet up with Pleasant Ridge Riders club on trail 100 intersection. The Caribou Rec. Department was successful in getting permission with MDOT and will be utilizing RT. 1 off of the Dubay Pit Road and will use app. 1400’ along RT 1. The purpose of this reroute will be to avoid crossing The Madawaska River. When this trail is complete the club will be marking and announcing that the trail is open.

So what I am trying to report is that most clubs have been out making great progress but there is still a lot of work that needs to be accomplished. So if you are planning on riding stay on what has been groomed and check with local clubs and their Facebook pages.



Friday January 13, 2017 The Pleasant ridge riders will be having a Chicken Stew/Chili dinner fundraiser at the Clubhouse located on 17 Pleasant Ridge Road in Caswell. The supper will be from 4-7. All proceeds will be going to the groomer fund.

Sunday January 29, 2017 The Pleasant ridge riders will be having a Breakfast fundraiser at the clubhouse from 7-11 all proceeds will be going to the groomer fund.

The Official Snowmobile Trail Report: From the Desk of: Gary Marquis Caribou Parks & Recreation Dept. 55 Bennett Drive Caribou, Maine 04736