When you hear terms like "Zombie Deer" it can kind of freak you out. The name is associated with Chronic Wasting Disease which can transfer among free-ranging cervid, like deer, moose, elk. etc. The disease causes damage to portions of the brain. Animals display abnormal behavior, become very weak and sick and eventually die.

Although there has not been any confirmed cases in Maine, the disease is moving ever more close to us in the northeast. It has been confirmed as far east as New York state. Not to cause alarm but, those are just confirmed cases, there is certainly the possibility of unconfined cases.

The reason to be concerned is in the past the disease did not appear to affect humans. Now, however, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say infection in humans is possible. Be diligent and be aware. If you do see any deer or moose that display any signs of being effected with Chronic Wasting Disease, contact the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Department.

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