A bar in Atlanta, Georgia, Katch Kitchen and Cocktails, has made major new headlines, as they are now charging an "entertainment fee" on dinner receipts.

The entertainment fee is labeled on a receipt, and is the "cover" for live music being provided at the restaurant/bar.

Could we see this kind of charge this summer at New England restaurants currently providing free music?

Here is what an actual receipt looked like from Katch Kitchen:

So the receipt charged two people $10 each. Let's break it down.

I frequently go to restaurants and bars that have music. These are not concerts or ticked venues. In the summertime, my wife and I will often check to see if outdoor venues have live cover bands during dinner hours.

99.99% of the time, this is free! It is a bonus of going to that restaurant. It is kind of a dealbreaker/the reason we chose to eat there.

Would I be okay if restaurants started charging an "entertainment fee" on the bill to eat during live music times?

Yup! I certainly would, to SOME extent.

I would be comfortable seeing a $5 per person charge, maybe even a $10 per person charge, but absolutely no more.

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There are bands that sell actual tickets to see their show for $15. That is sort of the minimum that I have seen at concert venues. So paying less for an unknown artist who plays at a bar on Friday nights for tips and because they love music seems fair to me.

That said, I would NOT be okay with restaurants and bars charging $15 or more. Music at restaurants and bars during weekend evenings is usually low-key. Just background music. A musician or group is usually just doing it for the passion, not for a full-time salary.

Should they get paid? Yes. But to be honest, if they can't sell out a small venue charging $15 per person and a ticketed show, they are not good enough to get more. AND THAT IS OKAY!

We need the bands and artists who do it for the fun of it, for the love of music, and for some spare tips.

What do you think? Would these charges deter you from going to these restaurants? Or would a $5 to $10 charge be okay with you? The musicians need to get paid something.

Should it be from the restaurant, as it yields them more business, or should it be from the restaurant-goers who personally benefit from the music?

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