A misdial of 911 led to the arrest of a Bangor man wanted for trafficking in hallucinogenic drugs.


According to the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office, before midnight on Monday, the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from the residence at 3910 Aroostook Road in Winterville. When the call was answered, no one was on the line.

Dispatchers called the number back and talked with the listed owner, who said she had not intended to dial 911, and that she was fine.

When asked if she was alone, she said no and identified a man named “Frank” as being there with her. She could not provide Frank’s last name.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the home and spoke with the homeowner and Frank, who was identified as 50-year-old Francis Leonard of Bangor.

While there was no problem at the home,  Deputies determined Leonard was wanted on a warrant out of Penobscot County for failure to pay a fine related to a conviction for trafficking in hallucinogenic drugs. Leonard was taken to the Fort Kent Police Department, where he posted bail.

Law enforcement in Maine responds nearly every time a 911 call is received, even if the call was made in error.

To contact the Sheriff’s Office when there is no emergency, dial 1-800-432-7842. You may also contact them through our MyPD smartphone application for iPhone and Android.

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