Tuesday, a married Maine teacher was indicted on numerous sexual charges for sleeping with a student who attempted suicide.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Jill Lamontagne, 29, was indicted by a York County Grand Jury on six counts of gross sexual assault, two counts of unlawful sexual contact, and six counts of sex abuse of a minor, and eventually turned herself in.

At the time of the sexual contact, Lamontagne had been having sex with a 17-year old student, who was in her health class, at Kennebunk High School.

The relationship between Lamontagne and the boy was manifested when he was in the hospital after attempting suicide. An abuse order was filed by the boy's mother in the Biddeford District.

The boy confessed his relationship to his aunt and stated that he and Lamontagne had had sex 'numerous times' in her classroom, at her house, and in her car.

Allegedly, the student told his mother and a nurse that he loved his teacher and took a mixture of medication in his attempt to take his life.

Lamontagne stated that she hadn't had sex with anyone in two years. Court records show that she is married with children.

Lamontagne had been placed on administrative leave June 12, when the boy had notified the school of the sexual misconduct.

In turn, the teacher submitted a request for medical leave in September and was still on leave when she submitted her resignation.

Lamontagne was booked on the charges and released on a $1000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court in December.


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