Single?  And it's Valentine's Day?  Or as you put it...Single Awareness Day...the day everyone around you is gushing over their S.O (significant other...duh) and the obligatory $80 dozen roses they got.  You just puked in your mouth a little bit.  So, if lonely is what you are on's a list of movies, to rub into your face that you will NEVER find such watch.

Before you submit yourself to this torture.  Go out and buy some ice cream...cake...and a box of chocolates.  And wine...for the love of GOD don't forget the wine.

The Notebook:

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

My Best Friend's Wedding

50 First Dates

Sweet Home Alabama

Love movies not your thing?  Want to avoid the 'L' word all together?  Then watch any one of the SAW movies.


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