Maine has tons of caves to explore and new ones are being found all the time! From ice caves to caves with dark histories here are some of our favorites.

When hiking most people like to have an exciting endpoint, why not make it one of these amazing caves. Most of these caves in Maine require short hikes to get there, but are well worth it.

The Ovens- Acadia National Park

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The Ovens are one of the coolest sea caves in Maine, but probably the toughest on this list to get to. Here you must consider the tides, the surrounding land is private property, and there is no parking. The most convenient way to visit these caves is by kayak.

Moose Cave- Grafton Notch State Park


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Moose Cave is easily accessed off RT 26 in Newry. This gorge is 600-ft long with 50-ft walls! According to the sign at the cave you should watch your step here so you don't end up like the moose whom this cave is named after.

Debsconeag Wilderness Ice Caves- Millinocket

With a metal ladder for convenience, this cave is known for its year round ice formations. Make sure you bring your flashlight! You will be going down and into the dark!

Anemone Cave- Acadia National Park


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Like The Oven caves this is a sea cave so you must consider the tides when planning a visit. This cave has some interesting history and was once one of Acadia's biggest attractions!

Devils Den- Andover

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This is one is probably the easiest to get to and is good for families with younger children as you don't really need to climb up or down, you just kind of walk in. Black Brook runs through the area and there is a waterfall close by!

Here are some other caves in Maine waiting to be explored!:

  • Inman's Cave- Camden Hills State Park
  • Murderer's Cave- Bath
  • Grotto Cave- Ellsworth
  • Blueberry Cave- Waltham
  • Little Peaked Mtn. Cave- Aurora
  • Gullivers Hole- Lubeck
  • Enchanted Cave- Jackman
  • Pamola Ice Caves- Katahdin (Dudley Trail)
  • Chimney Pond Talus Cave- Katahdin (Chimney Pond)
  • Moose and Squirrel Cave- Barren Mtn.
  • Deboullie Caves- Deboullie Township
  • Allagash Ice Caves- Allagash Lake
  • Mahoosuc Ice Cave- Appalachian Trail
  • Greenwood Ice Cave- Bryant Pond
  • Table Rock Slab Cave- Grafton Notch State Park
  • McKenney Caves- Near The Forks

We encourage you to use caution when visiting these locations as most are not modified for safety. Also be respectful of private property and posted signs as you explore.

Are there any caves you think we missed?

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