Wilton Police seeing green on Tuesday weren't looking at the Grinch, but a huge haul of illegal marijuana.

Where Was This?

Wilton Police Chief Ethan Kyes says the discovery was made as officers were assisting Maine Office of Cannabis Policy investigators on Tuesday as they conducted a routine follow-up inspection at a licensed marijuana cultivation facility on Weld Road. While the inspection was going on, the Wilton Police Department received information about a possible illegal operation that had been constructed in another building on the property.

How Much Marijuana Was Seized?

Officials reached out to the owner of the property to gain access to the building in question. When Wilton Police Officers, Code Enforcement Officials, and Maine OCP investigators walked into the facility, they found green. A lot of it. When it was all said and done, approximately a million dollars worth of illegal marijuana was seized. Chief Kyes says the cultivation facility contained approximately 1,211 illegally cultivated live marijuana plants and approximately 200 pounds of illegally cultivated dried marijuana.

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Has Anyone Been Arrested?

The illegally grown marijuana was destroyed as contraband. Officials say the owner of the property has no connection to the internal operations of either the licensed or unlicensed marijuana cultivation facilities. So far no arrests have been made, as police continue to investigate who's responsible for the illegal operation.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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