Minions, tanky junglers and squishy laners, gather 'round: Zedd's built a song just for you.

The "Clarity" EDM superstar, who just lit up the stage at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards over the weekend, crafted a special theme song called "Ignite" for the forthcoming 2016 League of Legends World Championship, an annual tournament running since 2011 in which teams of game players compete for a $1 million cash prize and the champion title.

"When RIOT asked me to create the title track for their 2016 League of Legends World Championship I was immediately excited about the idea," Zedd says of doing the honors for this year's event, which will be held across five weeks across San Francisco, Chicago, New York and concluding at the Staples Center in Los Angeles between September 29 to October 29.

"I’m a gamer myself and when I met with RIOT I realized that lots of their team members are passionate musicians as well which made it super fun to collaborate and create this song. They had a very specific direction in terms of what kind of emotion and feeling I should create and it felt like I was scoring a movie I haven’t seen yet. I’m incredibly excited for the gamers and the entire world to hear this song.”

"Everybody's watching through your eyes / There's only two options: win or die," he sings on the dramatic electro-banger, written by Zedd and Rock Mafia co-founders Antonina Armato and Tim James and TAS.

In case anyone underestimated the popularity of multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) gaming, last year's event drew an estimated 36 million unique viewers. And already, "Ignite" has racked up 3 million views (and counting!) in one day since going live.

Watch above.

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