Police in Woodstock, New Brunswick are asking drivers to slow down after stopping one driver gunning it at 184 kilometres per hour in a 110 kilometre per hour zone.

Woodstock Police Force

The man, whose name was not released, was ticketed $600. He told police he was running later for work

Woodstock Police remind drivers that it's better to arrive at your destination alive than not to get there at all.

Woodstock Police Force/Facebook


Woodstock Police Chief Brent Blackmore says the man is lucky he was not involved in a bad accident which could have severely injured or killed himself or others.

Chief Blackmore adds that, if wildlife came on the road, anyone driving that fast could not stop in time to avoid a collision.

The province places demerits on driver's licenses for speeding infractions. The list of demerits can be found here. The fine for speed in excess of 25 km over the limit begins at $240, but the speed this driver was clocked at would usually garner a fine on the highest end of the scale - more than $2,000.