Yesterday (Oct. 6), Conan O' Brien took part in one of America's greatest pastimes: kicking back and getting absolutely ripped while playing Gears of War—Gears of War 4, to be exact. To help him mellow out while playing the intense third person shooter, Conan had Wiz Khalifa come through with a healthy sized joint. You can watch the two's hilarious gaming session up top.

Wiz and Conan's adventure begins with a bit of small talk, but before too long they get into the nitty gritty. To prepare, Conan wants a detailed explanation of how to play the game. Or at least he thinks he does. The camera zooms in on Conan's disinterested face as his assistant runs through unnecessarily complex instructions about how to play Gears. After about a minute-and-a-half, Conan asks his assistant if such a long-winded explanation is needed for a game where they just "walk around and shoot people." The assistant confirms that it's not and Conan "fires" him. For his part, all Wiz can do is laugh and enjoy his perfectly rolled joint.

By the end of the clip, Conan seems to be high off his ass as he sits around eating a gigantic bowl of potato salad while Wiz says part of the game's scenery looks like a Bob Ross painting. We're sure he's pretty high too, but that's the norm for the "See You Again" rapper. Fans can play Gears of War 4 themselves when it arrives in stores on Oct. 11, and be sure to check out Wiz's new clothing line inspired by his son Sebastian.

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