Sarah Duncan, Townsquare Media

The Aroostook County Commissioners Office is working to promote the County in a whole new way. This is great news for those in the County.

According to County Administrator, Ryan Pelletier, they are working with a company to develop a promotional video that will highlight and showcase different events, activities and the way of life here in Aroostook County.

CGI Communications has been used in other areas of the country and southern Maine and, according to Pelletier, they have seen great success.

He says they plan to promote the natural attributes of the County, the four-season recreation and why it is such an excellent place to do business.


According to Pelletier,

“It really runs the entire gamut of what Aroostook County has to offer businesses that may be interested in looking at relocating here or individuals who may want to look to move here with their families and maybe bring small businesses with them.  There are more opportunities to work from home now because of broadband capabilities,”

These are all things Pelletier says they hope to highlight.

CGI will be reaching out to businesses in Aroostook County to offer them video production services to develop their own promotional videos as well, while they are here.

Pellitier added,

“To market this area you really need to use high quality digital formats.  People are looking for something done professionally that would be attractive and basically an eye opener for a company to say that oh yeah we can look at that place.  To promote these businesses so they see that other businesses have been successful here.  We would like to showcase that and kind of lead other businesses that may be out there to expand to this area”

If you are a business owner and you would be interested in participating in this video promotion you can contact Ryan Pelletier at