The scammers are at it again only this time they are feasting on your desire to get great discounts at your local Walmart. Gift cards may be coming, but they're fake.

Going to the mailbox this morning, there were so many magazines, bills and yes, offers for great discounts from stores. It would be really easy for someone to overlook a nasty scam that could cost you, one way or another.

Scammers are sending fake $100 gift cards directly to mailboxes, via snail mail. "All you have to do" is call the phone number and answer a few 'research' questions. That should be a huge red flag for you.

Once you call the phone number, the scammers now have your phone number, which they are going to sell to other scammers. They will try and glean anything and everything, information-wise, they can from you.

There hope and goal is to try and get you to compromise as much personal and financial information that they can from you.

Should you receive a fake gift card in the mail, here's what you should do:

  • Look for an email address, website or regular address for that matter. If there is nothing there, then let that be a warning that you probably have a fake offer.
  • If you are in question as to the legitimacy of the offer, call the store and ask them if it is legit. But don't call the phone number that THEY are asking you to call. In this case, call Walmart directly. You can get their phone number off of the internet.
  • Throw it out and warn your friends and neighbors. Especially the younger and elderly. Scammers love to prey on them.

So, be warned. The offer may be hitting your mailbox soon and we hope you now know what to look for and what to do if you receive something like that. Watch out for the ones out on Facebook as well.