The Town of Madawaska has a new Police Chief. Lt. Ross DuBois was nominated by the Board of Selectpeople and accepted the position of Police Chief on Thursday. DuBois has been with the Madawaska Police Department for 28 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Chief's position.

Madawaska Police Department

DuBois said he's honored to be offered the position and thanked Town Manager Ryan Pelletier and the Madawaska Board of Selectmen for their support.

"A lot has changed in Law Enforcement since Fedime Morin pinned on the 1st Madawaska Chief of Police badge in 1949. But the goal Chief Morin had in 1949, is the same goal the next four Chiefs of Police had, and will also be my goal. Reduce crime and work to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Madawaska."

DuBois said his officers already know that he has an open door policy and will extend that to make time to meet with the community members who wish to voice opinions and and concerns on ways to improve the police department.