Conspiracy theories have always been a part of hip-hop folklore. There are people who actually believe that 2Pac is still alive somewhere in Cuba and even Eazy-E’s death is shrouded in conspiracy theories. The latest questionable fact is attached to Kanye West.

Apparently, some people think that Kanye’s 2002 song “Through the Wire,” which he recorded with his jaw completely wired shut after a near-fatal car accident, is completely fake.

Someone on Twitter accused Kanye of making the song up to conceal the fact that he was viciously assaulted in Chicago, and that it left him with a broken jaw. Now while we love a good conspiracy theory, this one sounds bogus.

Plus, it was widely reported that 'Ye's car accident happened in Los Angeles. So there's no possible way that Kanye flew from Chicago to L.A. with a broken jaw just so he could record the song.

Nevertheless, “Through the Wire” became a trending topic on Twitter with people in disbelief that anyone would doubt Kanye’s ingenuity on the song. Not only that, the G.O.O.D. Music leader is also a topic of discussion for addressing Kid Cudi's crude remarks about him on Twitter.

"It's too early in the morning for this Kanye slander..and of all things it's about 'Through The Wire'?!?! The blasphemy!!!" tweeted one person. Another Twitter user wrote, "I just really don't understand how people are gonna say that Through The Wire Is Fake. That'd be like finding out Santa Claus isn't real."

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