Listen up real tight, bro, because I’m about to drop a two-flush truth-deuce on you: movies suck lately. Most of them, at least. Some recent ones have been pretty chill — Spring Breakers was like The Godfather of our generation, Seth Rogen’s movies are still tight and Neighbors 2 looks like it‘s going to be solid — but most movies are lame and boring, and it all comes down to a lack of representation. Where are the movies about real people, guys who just want to rock a polo/boat shoes combo, crack open a couple Natty Ices, and veg out with their bros? America’s a diverse country, that’s what makes it great, and so Hollywood should reflect that diversity beyond the regular token releases, like Project X.

But that’s the dope part, bro — you know Total Frat Move? The super-chill web site where you can read articles like “Why Every Girl Should Give Blow Jobs, From A Girl’s Perspective” and “Why Girls Should Stop Wearing High Waisted Shorts” and “Why Guys Should Not Be Required To Go Down On Girls”? They‘re totally making a movie out of it, which is just wonderful news. (No homo on having used the word “wonderful” just then.) Some jag named Warren P. Sonoda is gonna direct it, and it’ll have Justin Deeley, Rebecca Dalton, and Tom Green from Freddy Got Fingered. How could it be anything less than frat AF?

Deeley plays a frosh who starts at college just as the frat where he would’ve been a legacy case gets shut down by the administration. Three years later, he files a request to get the frat up and running again, and has to round up fifteen pledges before the end of pledge week. It sounds like it’s gonna be the perfect movie to quote after threatening to have your dad sue anyone who looks at your girlfriend in a bar.