Some news sources have referred to Maine's governor as 'America's Craziest Governor.' But just because you say what's on your mind, does it really make you crazy?

When it comes to what is on Governor LePages' mind, there is no pussy-footing around.  When you walk away, you pretty much know where the governor stands.

Having said that, there are some instances that have caused people to wonder if Maine really does have the craziest governor in America.

Catherine Thompson, of highlighted some things that Governor LePage did or said, that may make people think twice about the sanity of the governor.




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    Child Labor Advocate?

    Evidently, the governor thought it would be a great idea and a boost to Maine's economy if we reintroduced child labor. Get the little crumb-cruncher's out there and make us money. Does he think we're living in 1910 again?

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    "Give It To The People Without Providing Valeline"

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    Meeting With 'So-Called' Sovereign Citizens

    If you're a member of the Tea Party, then you'll probably shake your head. 'Sovereign Citizens' may still be on the FBI hit list. That said, people think the governor may be crazy because he met with them.

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    Taking Out A Political Cartoonist

    Like President Trump, Governor LePage is not a big fan of the mainstream media. Many would argue, with good reason. When the son of political cartoonist George Denby, of the Bangor Daily, asked the Gov what he thought of his dad's cartoons, the Governor joked that he'd like to shoot him. Dat's Crazy!

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    "...Get Our Guns Out"

    When the Democrats blocked Governor LePage from speaking about the budget, he stated, "The minute we start stifling our speech, we might as well go home, roll up our sleeves and get our guns out." He didn't say he was going to shoot them, but the connotation may mark him as crazy.