As far as we know, fried clams have been on the menu since the 1840's. There are some great places in the County to eat deep fried clams.

According to legend, Lawrence Henry "Chubby" Woodman from Essex, Massachusetts, has been credited with deep frying the first clam meal in New England, over 100 years ago.

The day was July 3, in 1916, that Chubby offered what we know today as deep fried clams in his roadside restaurant, now called Woodman's of Essex.

Sometime later, Thomas Soffran of Soffran Brothers Clam Company, based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, came up with the idea of clam strips, which are created from the foot of hard-shelled sea clams.

Soffran made an exclusive deal with the Howard Johnson's chains and as the chain expanded, the clams became popular across the country, as well.

A little bit of a 'health fact', if you will, is that clams are low in cholesterol and fat without oil and breading.

If you'd like to try making deep fried clams check out this recipe here

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