The 2nd annual Maine Potato Blossom Festival International Tater Tot Eating Media Competition took place at Boondock’s Grille on Tuesday in Fort Fairfield.

Members of the media from Townsquare Media, Channel X and BDN competed against each other to see who could eat two pounds of tater tots the fastest. Tim Goff, Director Maine Potato Blossom Festival, organized the contest. Thanks to Stephen Adams of Boondock's Grille for hosting the event.

The event helps kick off the 70th Maine Potato Blossom Festival, July 8th - 16th. It leads up to the 2nd Annual International Tater Tot Eating Competition taking place in the food court right after the Maine Potato Blossom Festival Parade at 3 p.m. on July 15th.

Here's the Facebook live from the Media Tater Tot Eating Competition:

Congratulations to Rick from Channel X who won with an official weigh in.