It's amazing what drives us to the grave. Car accidents, suicide, choking, and now, Daylight-Saving Time. Experts now link the time change to heart attacks.

According to, a study shows that setting your clock ahead could induce your risk of a heart attack.

The research was derived from data dating from 2010 - 2013 and showed that one hospital in Michigan had admitted about 32 heart attack victims on the Monday following Daylight-Saving Time.

Researchers noted that most heart attacks happen on Monday morning. They're not sure why this is, but they have come up with a theory.

Dr. Amneet Sandhu says it could be the stress of a new work week, coupled with the changes in our sleep-wake cycles. He went on to add that with Daylight-Saving Time, those stresses to the body are compounded with one less hour of sleep.

He concluded by saying that if they can identify the days when heart attacks surge the most, then they can be better prepared to take care of their patients.