Following a murder and suicide that took place in the lighthouse in 1896, moaning and groanings have been heard by different lighthouse keepers who lived there.

What we do know is that there was a fisherman who used to rent the lighthouse in Saco Bay, Maine for a living space. His name was Howard Hobbs who lived there with his roommate William Moses.

Like people today, Hobbs allegedly had problems paying the rent to his landlord Fred Milliken. Hobbs grabbed his rifle and told his roommate Moses that he might go hunting for birds. When Mr. Milliken approached the men about when their rent payment would be paid, Hobbs shot Milliken right in the chest, killing him.

The keeper at the time was a man named Thomas Orcutt, who advised Hobbs to turn himself into the police.

Supposedly, there was alcohol involved as Hobbs and Moses were pretty drunk the night of the incident. And if killing Mr. Milliken wasn't enough, Hobbs then turned the gun on himself, pulled the trigger and died right there in the Wood Island Lighthouse.

Many keepers of the lighthouse had lived there since the incident and their stories are the same. Sounds of moaning and a man groaning with unexplained shadows walking past them in the night, thus haunting the lighthouse.

In 1972, the old light was removed from the Wood Island Lighthouse and replaced with an automated light, which you would see today.

The next time you go by the Wood Island Lighthouse in Saco Bay, Maine, listen closely and see if you can't hear the old fisherman - Howard Hobbs groaning in agony.

If you do, make sure you run or drive away as fast as you can and never go near the place again. Lest you become the next victim.