Here it is! The 'Dukes of Hazzard' flip in Presque Isle! This is a wild ride!

Corey Eubanks Tommy Sarmento and the whole crew put on a tremendous event tonight. The grandstand and fence area was packed - if you were there you know. After a practice run - Corey in Roscoe's car and Tommy in the General Lee - the two stuntmen hit the gas in a chase scene that ended with the turnover you see above. The crowd loved it.

Corey was fine and jumped right out. The two stars signed autographs for a long line of fans afterward.

It was a great night and everyone was talking about the exciting show. Shout out to the Tuff Truck finals for thrilling the crowd before and after the Dukes rollover.

Here's another look at it with footage of the post stunt and Q & A:

The Northern Maine Fair really knows how to put on a show. The aftermath:

Before the turnover, Corey Eubanks took the General Lee for a spin in front of the grandstand:

Thanks to Ryan Guerrette, the Northern Maine Fair and Troy Nichols for the facebook posts.