American Horror Story: Roanoke already informed viewers that there'll be just one survivor at the end of Season 6, and the November 2 episode of the FX horror series left just a few characters still standing. But the word survivor only referred to the cast members of the reality show within the show, so with two episodes left, introductions to new characters isn't out of the question. And obsessive, ever-vigilant AHS fans are pretty sure they spotted recurring series star Taissa Farmiga in the preview for November 9's episode. Is she finally coming back to AHS? 

In next week's preview, some camera-outfitted hikers appear to get swept up in the Blood Moon bloodbath; a young man with a GoPro on his helmet is chased through the woods and we're guessing it won't end well. But in one split-second shot you can see a fellow hiker holding a selfie stick, and she's got Farmiga's trademark long straight hair.


People are already comparing next week's ep to The Blair Witch Project, and this sighting may kill the previous theory that Farmiga would play the "real" version of ghost girl colonist Priscilla (unlikely) or the "real" original Supreme, Scathach. But with all the shifting roles this season, who can even predict these things anymore?

Ryan Murphy, who co-created AHS with Brad Falchuk, already told E! News on October 18 that Farmiga would be returning to the franchise this season (he also teased fellow recurring cast member Finn Wittrock's appearance as "his most f---d-up character of all time," Jether Polk, who first made a low-key appearance in Episode 7 and played a major role in Episode 8). All Murphy would say about Farmiga's first AHS outing since Coven was that it's a "really, really great part."

We'll hopefully see plenty more of Taissa in the future AHS world either way: Murphy has announced that he's planning a crossover season that'll touch on the connections between Coven and Murder House, where the actress starred front-and-center.

Watch the promo for American Horror Story 6x09 below.

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