The Ultimate Maine Waterfall Tour, With a Map!
I think that waterfalls are so magical. They have a story, a path, and many different effects on the ecosystem around them. I love finding out where they originate from and eventually flow to. For our honeymoon Mark surprised me with a trip to Angel Falls in Venezuela, the world's tallest …
Top 5 Pumpkin Carving Ideas from Pinterest
Pumpkin carving in a long standing traditions in many homes, including mine! Although I have to admit, I'm not super creative and crafty when it comes to carving a pumpkin.
I tend to stick with the traditional jack-o-lantern complete with buck teeth and uneven eyes...
Top 5 Cold Remedies
It’s that time of year once again when the weather is going whacko! One moment it’s hot and humid and the next it’s cold and raining. Make up your mind, Mother Nature!
Top 5 Foods for Labor Day on a Stick
You’ve been counting down the days until the long Labor Day Weekend, right? Many of us will hit the road and go camping, have a stay-vacation or just get out and so something fun to celebrate the long weekend.