T.I. has certainly lived an infamous life during his rap career. One of his most interesting stories was when he saved Creed frontman Scott Stapp’s life in 2012.

In a new Spotify animated series called Drawn and Recorded, narrator T Bone Burnett recreates T.I.'s divine intervention following Stapp’s suicide attempt in Miami.

For those who don’t know the story, Stapp, who is now a recovering addict, used to go on multi-day drug binges following the success of his rock band Creed. In 2012, Stapp jumped off his hotel balcony and fell one story below.

Stapp fractured his skull, broke his hip and nose in the fall and was bleeding profusely from his face. That’s when his “guardian angel” T.I. - who was staying in his room one floor below - showed up and took care of him while waiting for paramedics to arrive. Stapp has credited T.I. for saving his life.

In the animated video, Tip is drawn like an angel with wings donning a baseball cap. "T.I. had been many things to many people – to Scott, he was a messenger sent to save him," said Burnett in the clip. "T.I. got Scott to safety; Scott thanked God for sending him an unlikely angel."

If you have never heard of this amazing story, check out the video above.

Spotify's Drawn and Recorded is a music-related series focusing on pop culture stories and folklore. Future episodes will include tales on how Kurt Cobain was inspired to write “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and more.