We love fairy tales! Maine is bursting at the seams with whimsical gardens, Castle-style vacation homes, and adventures that seem to flow straight from the pages of your favorite storybooks. We've tracked down the best of the fairytale locations in Maine so you can plan your next trip to Neverland.

  • Mackworth Island Fairy Houses

    Mackworth Island is easily accessible by a short bridge in Falmouth. It’s not far from Portland and it’s not super secluded or ultra-exclusive. Still, walking the beaten path on Mackworth Island seems to transport you into a fairy tale world of towering pines, rainbows, misty seas, and even fairy houses that seem to pop up by magic.

    Instagram via @mlenahc
  • Fairytale Vacation Castle

    Imagine a castle on the rocky shores of the Northeast Atlantic, complete with a rugged stone chimney, intricate wooden details, floor-to-ceiling windows with unmated views of the water, and stained glass windows depicting the scenes straight out of a storybook. Dragonwood Castle in Prospect Harbor is a romantic fairytale escape that is sure to bring you the relaxation of a Prince and Princess.

    Dragon wood Castle via Homeaway.com_Evolve Vacation Rental Properties
  • Treehouse Restaurant in Portland

    Whimsical, beautiful, magical. Those are three of the words used to describe a small eatery in Portland’s Deering Center neighborhood. The Treehouse is a hidden gem along Stevens Avenue that delivers delicious meals with unmatched atmosphere among the trees.

    Instagram via @kaklabier
  • Whimsical Maine Farm & Shop

    Snug Harbor Farm welcomes visitors to “escape the ordinary”. With whimsical gardens, charming animals, and a cozy farm setting, a day spent at Snug Harbor Farm is like a day spent in the pages of your favorite storybook.

    Instagram via @wall_ross
  • Prettiest Village in Maine

    The welcome sign says it all: Wiscasset is the ‘Prettiest Village in Maine’. Have you ever visited the home of Red’s Eats for longer than it takes to wait in line for a lobster roll? Wiscasset is perfect for a day trip if you can stand the traffic.

    Instagram via @blueeyedyonder
  • Garden in Northeast Harbor

    Stepping through these gates is like walking into a perfect storybook garden. It’s easy to imagine small woodland creatures frolicking amongst the flowers and butterflies gently floating amongst the trees. This somewhat hidden oasis is located in Northeast Harbor and is called the Asticou Azalea Garden.

    TripAdvisor.com/Olga C.
  • Treehouse Rental in Brunswick

    Glamping. It’s camping, but more glamorous. GlampingHub.com helps those of us who would prefer to not sleep on the ground but rather in a well-appointed cabin in the sky with a mini-fridge and Keurig. GlampingHub.com is your source for anti-camping accommodations. Their listings range from ocean front cottages to secluded mini-homes and tree houses like this one in Brunswick.