A long time ago, in our own galaxy, movies were restricted to movie screens.

Then they moved into our homes. Then onto computers and tablets and phones. The next step is virtual and augmented reality, something we’re rapidly approaching with every passing day. Today at the Wired Business Conference in New York, Lucasfilm unveiled the video you see above, described as “an experiment from ILMxLAB and Magic Leap, shot directly through Magic Leap technology.” I’m a moron and I honestly don’t know much about what that means, but the video above sort of speaks for itself. C-3PO and R2-D2 wandering through a room, interacting with the environment.

Essentially, Magic Leap, a company that makes augmented reality tech, is partnering with ILM to create what Variety calls a “joint research lab” dedicated to creating this kind of cool content based in the world of Star Wars. Here’s Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy statement on the news:

The future of mixed reality and immersive entertainment holds incredible promise, and we are honored to work with Magic Leap to shape that future. At Lucasfilm and ILM, innovation has always been in our DNA; through this collaboration, ILMxLAB further propels our legacy of exploration and leadership on this new platform for experiential storytelling.

There’s no word at this point what these two companies might make or when, if ever, we’ll see it. But just that minute-long video gives you an exciting glimpse of the possibilities. VR lightsaber battles? Or Death Star trench runs? Or just wandering through the grocery store bickering with C-3PO? The possibilities are endless and awesome. Man, it’s like the future’s so bright, you gotta wear a big bulky VR helmet.