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Turns out this is quite the hot topic for our audience. We all get irritated when we see certain things flood our news feeds day after day. According to HOM listeners these are the top ten social media faux pas:

1) Vague Booking

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We've all seen it! When someone posts a very vague status that is just begging for people to ask what's wrong. Example: "I can't believe this happend to me today..." I refuse to comment "What happend?!" and give these people what they want.

2) Constant Food Posts

Pretty self explainatory. We don't like seeing all of your meals. If you go out to eat and your plate is presented so beautifully you can't resist taking a picture, FINE. But if I know what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner: tone it down the food pics, honey.

3) The Play By Play

No one needs to know that you are hitting up Whole Foods and might do some laundry if you have time. If there was a "nobody cares" button, we would all press it.

4) Political or Religious Posts

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There is a time and place for everything and the time for politics or religion on Facebook is never. No one is going to change their views based on a status or article you shared. And if you must post about your political or religious beliefs don't be uber offended if someone comments and believes differently than you do. You chose to post that on social media and people are bound to interact with it.

5) Oversharing

Love is a beautiful thing. However too many displays of love on social media can make even the hopeless romantic nauseous. According to the Huffington Post, broadcasting your love on social media speaks volumes about your own self esteem and social anxiety.

6) "Share This Or Bad Things Will Happen To You"

It's like the chain letters of today and its foolish. If I don't press share I don't think that means I am going to hell so you stop that. You stop that right now.

7) Passive Aggressive Posts

"You know who you are!" Oh brother. Put on your grown up pants and confront the person you are upset with like a big kid.

8) Posting An Overwhelming Amount Of Pet Pics

Yes, your dog is very cute. Yes, I am happy for you that you own such a precious animal. No, I don't need to see 42,000 pictures of your dog napping.

9) "If I Get ______ Likes I Will Quit Smoking"

I can understand this to a degree because support from others is one of the benefits of social media. However, you shouldn't let Facebook likes be the deciding factor on whether or not you are going to better yourself.

10) Too Many Selfies

It's great to have confidence and all but some people take it way too far.

And there you have it! Are there any social media faux pas missing from our list?