Jimmy Kimmel is familiar with the comedic powers and overall star quality that Snoop Dogg posses. The late night host had tapped the Doggfather for a Planet Earth spoof titled "Plizzanet Earth" back in July of 2014, the video gaining such viral traction that a petition was started in January of this year to make Snoop the official voice of the show. Now, Kimmel is back to his Snoop-relying ways, as the rapper stars in another humorous clip, this time narrating footage from the 1954 NBA Finals.

Appropriately decked out in a Los Angeles Lakers jersey, Snoop, whom Kimmel refers to as a basketball historian, delivers a minute of  "The Hizzistory of Bizzasketball," commenting on the drabness of the play. "This is before black men were able to play basketball," he notes. "As you see there’s no jumping, no dunking, no heroics. It’s just basic basketball. 1954, that’s probably before black people had TVs so we wasn’t trippin’."

The clip is short and sweet, with Snoop accurately guessing that the free throws taken would be shot underhand or "granny style." "Who won?" he asks of the match-up between Syracuse and Minneapolis, "Who cares?" Given the success of his Planet Earth dubs, perhaps Snoop can get a seat in the commentators booth alongside Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy for Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals, which will take place this Friday (June 10).

Watch his latest Kimmel bit up top.

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