If real recognize real, then Sean Lennon is holding down Kanye West and Kim Kardashian after catching some heat for attending a Saint Pablo show at Madison Square Garden earlier this week. Lennon published two Instagram posts from the night, one of Kanye dancing to "Father Stretch My Hands" and another of his mom, Yoko Ono backstage with Kim. He took to Facebook however to lend a little context to the meet up and tell his more critical followers to back off.

"Wow I didn’t realize how many snobs were on my page," he wrote. "Kimye invited us to a concert. We attended. We met backstage. I took a photo. They were very nice to my mother making sure she had escorts in and out of MSG. I like people who are nice to my mother."

Lennon went on to explain that Ye is big fan of Ono's performance art, and that he was more respectful than many of his own commenters were being in calling Lennon out. "I’m not such a snob that I think I’m too good to take a photo with someone who is being nice to my mother," he wrote, eventually telling his fans to "either chill the fuck out or piss off."

Kanye clearly has an appreciation for The Beatles, having recently worked with Paul McCartney on "Only One," "All Day" and "Four Five Seconds." Read Lennon's statement in full up above, with his Instagram posts from the concert included below.

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