I met Hallie Twomey when she came in for an interview at the radio station about her ‘Scattering CJ’ effort. You see, CJ is her son. He committed suicide in front of his parents at their home in Auburn, Maine.

My father committed suicide when I was 12. We share some common ground.

Since this happened, Hallie has been searching for a way to deal with her grief. This is how ‘Scattering CJ’ started. CJ was a 20-year-young man who should be out exploring the world and livin’ large. Hallie came up with a way that could still happen!

Hallie put out the call online for caring souls to help CJ be part of our world. She asked if anyone would take a tiny amount of CJ’s ashes on a trip somewhere beautiful or significant to them, scatter his ashes and tell him how much his family loves him. People said yes, including myself.

Hallie would send out a small amount of CJ’s ashes to those who have taken part. I did it on my last day in New Orleans in 2014. I did just as Hallie requested. As I released his ashes, the breeze caught the ashes and they ended up all over me. That is when I started to cry.  CJ was hugging me!!!  CJ became part of me that day.

CJ’s ashes have been around the world and into space!

Now there is a documentary in the works about ‘Scattering CJ’Spark Media is fundraising to finish this documentary.  Not only is the story of healing of a family, it is about mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Hope you can help make this happen.