Home is where the heart is — or, in the case of Ruth B's new "Lost Boy" video, where the collection of suspended-in-mid-air umbrellas and loose-leaf paper is.

The clip, released today (May 9), finds the singer surrounded by zero-gravity still life as she sings a piano-painted tale of finding salvation amid loneliness. "There was a time when I was alone, nowhere to go and no place to call home," she delicately sings above as bowls of fruit and ethereal dancers defy the laws of physics around her.

PopCrush premiered an acoustic "Lost Boy" performance in December 2015, and in an accompanying interview, Ruth said she didn't originally intend for the song to be musical — it was originally just a collection of words. Eventually, though, it developed into a melody that spells out the importance of a reliable respite from tough times.

"I think in a sense we all have our own Peter Pans…for me, music is my Peter Pan,” she explained. “It’s what I go to when I’m feeling lost or down, and I think people can relate to this. It could be an actual person, a hobby, sport — anything that makes you feel at home."

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