This applies to the County too...The Bangor Police Department's Facebook page has an amusing post about who owns their flannel shirts, and who can wear & borrow them. Rules to live by in Maine.


The post points out some general rules for flannel shirt ownership. Quoting from the Bangor Police's Facebook page:

Flannel shirts that are purchased for a person or by a person for their own personal use, are owned by the original purchaser unless several conditions are met. Again, this is not law but it is a policy that has been approved by the FWAOAOM (Flannel Wearers and Owners Association of Maine)."

The first rule is simple and more specific. The BPD advises that "this rule can not be changed."

1. Men's flannel shirts, purchased as a gift by the wife, spouse or significant other, are owned by the man unless it shrinks more than one size during the first washing and drying. At that time the shirt becomes the property of the wife, spouse, or significant other who purchased the shirt, or by the offspring of that couple. This rule cannot be changed."

Read the whole post and keep in mind the rules about neglecting the flannel and how many seasons a shirt can be worn.

It's a way of life in Maine and all in good fun.

Remember to be kind to your flannel and treat it right.