Maine's State Treasurer has announced an all-time record return of $16,117,529 for unclaimed property during Fiscal Year 2016.

Treasurer Terry Hayes says the total includes 107,978 individual properties.

Hayes says the record amount returned in fiscal year 2016 came about because state representatives and state senators have been reaching out to constituents to encourage them to search Treasury’s online database.

Unclaimed property consists of cash and other financial assets that are considered lost or abandoned when an owner cannot be located after a specified period of time. It includes, among other items, checking accounts, certificates of deposit, over payments, gift certificates, paid-up life insurance policies, unpaid wages, uncashed checks, death benefits, dividends, insurance payments, refunds, savings accounts, stocks, and contents of safe deposit boxes. Unclaimed property does not include real estate, animals, or vehicles.

If your name is on the list, you can file your claim electronically at Maine.Gov's Upsearch site. There is no fee charged to process your claim. Also, you do not need to pay anyone to help you make your claim.

The specifics of the Uniform Unclaimed Property Law can be read here;.

To reach Unclaimed Property by telephone, call (207) 624-7470.