Police say several off-road vehicle drivers were ticketed in northwestern New Brunswick this week after being stopped for driving illegally on the road.


RCMP and the Department of Public Safety issued 10 tickets during an off-road vehicle enforcement operation Tuesday and Wednesday in the Grand Falls, Drummond and Saint-André areas.

Tickets were handed out to drivers for reckless driving, for failure to provide registration or insurance, and for  not having a valid licence plate or driver's licence.

“All of the off-road vehicles that were stopped were because they were being driven illegally on the road, something that police get reports of often in these areas,” said Cst. Alex Roussel of the Grand Falls RCMP.

The operation came several weeks after a pick-up truck went off the Ennishone Road in the Drummond area after being passed by a speeding ATV. The driver of the truck was taken to hospital with serious injuries he sustained in the crash, and Grand Falls RCMP issued an appeal to the public to identify the ATV driver.

Roussel said it's illegal and dangerous for ATVs, dirt bikes and snowmobiles to be driven on public roads and highways.