QUIÑ hails from the City of Angels and like many 20-somethings, she's a bundle of quirks, opinions, varied interests and creative energy; but unlike most people her age, she knows she has a mission: to present her art to the world. But unlike so many others, this wasn't always apparent to her.

Since the age of five, QUIÑ remembers singing along with music tapes and letting her voice blend with the artists coming through the speakers, but her ability to sing was a "secret" and something she didn't want to share. Fresh off the release of her debut EP GALACTICA,QUIÑ talked to the Boombox about coming to embrace her talent, letting the world know who she is and why there are no earthly limits to where she wants to go.

What's QUIÑ's story?

QUIÑ: Long story short, I’ve been singing my entire life, but it was always such a secret. It was my own thing that I was not willing to share. I went to college for psychology [but] ended [up] leaving to go to the Bay and myself like I’ve never met her before. I had all this faith all of a sudden in my voice like I had never had it before because I was just so afraid of it. It wasn’t like I wan[ted to] pursue this career, it was like, 'Damn, I have a mission to complete.' There’s a reason I can write and there’s a reason my voice sings the words. What a good match gift wise, right? So I had to do what I had to do cause there’s no way I was gonna let that go to waste in real life.

So you didn't have a dying passion to sing as a career when you were younger?

I never knew what I wanted to be when I was growing up [and] I never knew that music would ever be an option – it feels weird saying that. I knew I was good at it, but it wasn’t like a thing to be taking care of me the rest of my life. So I just took my time with it.

You said you went to school for psychology, but left and moved to the Bay. Where did you go to school and how did you know it was time to leave?

I went to Cal State North Ridge in L.A. I was in the first semester of my sophomore year of college, and it was the day of my speech final, and I was like, ‘You know what, I’m not doing this,’ and I quit.

Was there a particular reason you chose to leave Los Angeles for the Bay Area?

My godmother brought me out there during the summertime for this day camp she started. I was going through some really stupid stuff with my boyfriend cheating...So I went up there, and she kinda saved me.

Is this when and where you realized you could sing?

Honestly, as a little kid, I remember sitting there listening to Celine Dion tapes for hours and hours...and that grew into me listening to Beyonce…and Brandy...any person. My voice would just kind of sing to it, and I would be like ‘Yo, I can do that run too. That must mean I can sing.'

You met G-Eazy in the studio one night--how did you two get to a point where you could work together so closely?

We actually met doing the "Tumblr Girls" video – I was in it. My friend, Rosa, ended up playing him a song of mine…and he hit me up like, ‘Your music is so sick. Whatever you need QUIN.’ It really was just a natural thing.

What inspired you to tap G-Eazy for your "Over Again?"

I just happened to be in the studio when the beat for “Over Again” [was made]. So, I made that, and I just happened to think about him like, ‘G would actually be sick on this. Who else?’ I usually don’t think about who would [sound] cool on [my projects], so I thought, ‘Oh, this is weird. Let’s call him.’ So I called him. It wasn’t about 'Can you please do this for me,' it was more about 'I have this song and it’s really pretty and I’m gonna send it, and if you f-ck with it let me know what’s good.' He hit me back immediately, and was like, “Yo, I got you.” Then the next day he had his verse ready to go.

You dropped an "intro video" to allow fans to get to know you and your new project. What's the story behind GALACTICA?

GALACTICA is a space island that I created for my brain. It is a place out of time in outer space. It basically represents the infinite possibilities of sound and imagery. It’s the first chapter to my fantasy film music, which represents this idea of versatility and being able to make whatever the f--- you want. This is a land that I made to introduce you to a little part of me.

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