Another closure in Presque Isle is not a good thing, but it seems like we're seeing more and more of that around here. Now, Payless ShoeSource may close here also.

According to a report at, Payless, Inc. is planning to file bankruptcy due to it's struggling sales in various towns across America. Presque Isle potentially being one of them.

The struggling discount shoe chain is planning to close anywhere between 400 and 500 stores nationwide as it reorganizes the way they operate.

We could see more and more of this as the market seems to be going towards more online purchases than in-store purchases.

According to their website, Payless ShoeSource was founded in Topeka, Kansas and employs around 22,000 people. The website also states that it has over 4,000 stores in 30 different countries.

We really don't need another store closing its doors in the Aroostook Centre Mall, which would mean less selection and more people out of work in the Star City.