An anonymous donation of $1.5 million to the Presque Isle Community Center project has propelled the fundraising effort to its original goal, and now organizers say they would like to raise up to $300,000 more to put the finishing touches on the project.

North Peak Architecture

To meet the estimated building cost of $7.5 million, the Presque Isle Community Center Fundraising Campaign Committee was tasked with raising $3,750,000 through donations to match a voter-approved bond. The committee announced the anonymous donation of Friday, made in memory of Rodney Smith, who died in an accident in 2007.

Steve and Lucy Richard, Co-Chairs of the Fundraising Campaign said, “We are so excited about this donation and what it means to the project.  With these funds, we know that we will now be able to move forward and break ground on this wonderful facility that will have such an impact on our community.  It is very important to recognize all of the individuals and businesses that have come forward during this campaign to give of their time and money to make this a reality for the residents of Presque Isle.  Thank you all so much!”

The $7.5 million price tag covers the construction of the building,  which will go up on an 8 acre lot on Chapman Street, not far from Riverside Park. The fundraising committee hopes to raise  an additional $200,000 - $300,000 to enhance the community center experience for residents.  These funds will allow for landscaping around the new center, additional bleachers in the sports fields, and new furniture and furnishings.

To find out more about making a donation, go to the Presque Isle Community Center website.