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Every day is like a celebration for singer/songwriter Duran Visek, a.k.a. birthday, the Oakland-based musician who crafts breezy, atmospheric synth pop.

Raised in the coastal town of Cape Coral, Florida, it's no wonder that birthday's youthful tunes retain a bright, almost tropical glow. But you can also hear the West Coast influence in his music—from the smokey, trap-lite beats to the emotive pop-rock sheen—that comes from living in the city of Los Angeles, where he currently resides.

On birthday's Subtle Love EP, premiering exclusively on PopCrush, the artist weaves melodic, dreamy tales of young love on instantly catchy tracks like "Grown Up Kids," "Subtle Love" and "Cathedrals," a brand new song with a romantic, swirling new wave beat.

"I'm very proud to release this EP. It's a collection of songs I wrote during late nights spent in my bedroom in Oakland," birthday tells PopCrush, adding, "It's about the dynamics of love, being in love and youthful adventures."

If you're a fan of Troye Sivan, Halsey or Melanie Martinez, turn this one all the way up and party like it's your—what else?—birthday.

Listen below:

Courtesy of birthday

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