Red Ribbon Week is one of the oldest drug abuse prevention campaigns of this nation.  Celebrated during the last week of October, Red Ribbon Week is an occasion for individuals and organized groups to publicity express their commitment to living a drug-free life and to help others achieve their goal of living drug free.


On Tuesday, October 24, the New Sweden School celebrated Red Ribbon Week with a visit by Elroy the Elk, the Drug Awareness Program mascot from the Presque Isle Elks, Lodge #1954.  Accompanied by Maine Elks Association Past State President Gregory Daniels and his wife, Barbara, a retired teacher, Elroy gave each student at the New Sweden School a red ribbon to wear in order to proclaim their pledge to live drug free.  Additionally, students received a Drug Awareness Program coloring book, colors, pencils and rulers.

Elroy, spent time in each classroom of the New Sweden School in order to promote a unanimous stand against drug abuse.

According to Daniels, “Elroy the Elk is available to visit with groups of children throughout Central Aroostook in order to promote the message of living drug free and is able to provide age appropriate Drug Abuse Program materials.  Elroy’s visit can be arranged by contacting the Presque Isle Elks Lodge, or its Drug Awareness Program Chair Alan Harding at 764-0985 or 764-0131.