New Balance has found themselves in a PR nightmare as they try to fiend off the backlash following the company’s public support of the current president-elect, Donald Trump. Afterward, various Neo-Nazi groups praised the company and declared the brand “the official shoes of white people.”

Since then, customers have lashed out, sharing photos and videos on social media of New Balance sneakers burning in effigy. New Balance has released a statement trying to distance themselves from any endorsements from white supremacist groups.

"New Balance does not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form," reads the statement. "As a 110-year old company with five factories in the U.S. and thousand of employees worldwide from all races, genders, cultures and sexual orientations, New Balance is a values-driven organization and culture that believes in humanity, integrity,community and mutual respect for people around the world."

For the record, NB's support for Trump has to do with his stance against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and his goal to keep jobs in the U.S. New Balance is among a few sneaker companies that make their shoes in the U.S., and they would like to keep it that way.

Nevertheless, in the aftermath of the presidential election, there has been a huge spike in racist rhetoric on social media. We can only expect to see many more battles between companies and their customer base over political views once Trump begins his presidency.

Read New Balance's statement below.