If you haven't been to Houlton Dairy Farms to get your favorite ice cream treat, then you are lagging behind. They're open and ready for business!

Being new to the area, I've never had a shake, sundae or ice cream from Houlton Dairy Farms. So, I cruised up Main Street in Presque Isle and parked.

This place is so popular, that you're better off either walking, riding your bike or taking a compact car because it's a tight area. Fortunately, when I went the lines weren't too long.

I took a shot and got a Cookies and Cream shake. It is absolutely delish! They have other flavors like Razmataz, Orange and Banana Split. Yum!

But if you go when school lets out during the week, you might find yourself standing near the road at the end of the line.

That's because they are seasonal and that makes them special. You know spring is here when Houlton Dairy Farms is open for business. I hope you're ready.