The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency says it is investigating two suspected meth labs discovered Wednesday morning, one in the town of Hancock, and the other in Patten.


The drug agency’s meth response team is responding to both sites, according to Public Safety Department spokesman Steve McCausland.

The MDEA was involved in the discovery of the lab in Hancock in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday, and State Police discovered the suspected lab in Patten a few hours later, McCausland said.The meth lab response team members will be wearing protective clothing and breathing apparatus as they work to seize evidence from both sites.

This makes 80 responses to meth incidents this year by MDEA, McCausland said.  2015 ended with 56 responses to meth labs and dumping sites where the dangerous drug was found.

UPDATE FOR HANCOCK METH BUST (Wednesday 1:30 p.m.):

The MDEA says five people have been arrested in connection with the sale of methamphetamine in the town of Hancock.

Late Tuesday night the case led investigators to a mobile home off the Old County Road in Hancock Heights Mobile Home Park. Agents suspected that this was the site where the methamphetamine was being manufactured. Around 2:30 Wednesday morning, investigators arrested four men and one woman who were found inside the mobile home.

Charged thus far in connection with this investigation are: Dominique Torrey, 22, of Otis. Torrey has been charged with 1 count of Class B Trafficking in Methamphetamine and 1 count of Class B Unlawful Operation of Methamphetamine Lab.

Four others: Matthew Peasley, 28, of Otis; Jennifer Thurston,24, of Tremont; Shannon Nicholson, (male)- 45, of Tremont and  Loren Wayne Spurling, (male) 25, of Tremont have each been charged with 1 count of Class B Unlawful Operation of a Methamphetamine Lab.

All were transported to the Hancock County Jail in Ellsworth.