A New Jersey man was taken by ambulance to Northern Maine Medical Center Tuesday evening after he went over the Allagash Falls in his kayak and waited hours before he was found.


The Maine Warden Service says 61-year-old Walter Mastropietro was paddling alone on the Allagash River when he got too close to the falls and was swept over, landing on the rocks below. Mastropietro spent hours at the bottom of the falls in the isolated area before a canoeing party happened along and found him.

Wardens say the man suffered a significant injury to the left side of his face which may have been worse had he not been wearing a helmet.

According to the Fiddlehead Focus, there was no cell service in the area.  Fortunately, the canoeing party was carrying a satellite-linked device, which enabled them to send text messages to law enforcement for help.

A Ranger stationed in the area was able to get the victim on a backboard, and with help from others carried him up the steep terrain to a waiting ambulance.