Troop 'F' of the Maine State Police based in Houlton, responded to 104 calls for service in the past week. Here are a few of the incidents posted in their weekly log:

Maine State Police

Incident Type: OAS Date: 10/10/2016 Town: Linneus Trooper: Tr. Bell Brief Synopsis: Tr. Bell observed a southbound vehicle in Linneus on US 2A and stopped it for a motor vehicle violation. It was discovered that the operator’s license was suspended and the operator was summoned for Operating After Suspension.

Incident Type: PURSUIT Date: 10/12/2016 Town: Littleton Trooper: Tr. Sucy Brief Synopsis: Tr. Sucy and Tr. Pescitelli responded to an address in Littleton to investigate a harassment complaint. They knew the offender had an active arrest warrant and it was reported he was driving with a suspended driver’s license. During the course of their investigation Tr. Sucy observed the described vehicle involved in the harassment. Tr. Sucy observed the suspect, whom he knew, driving the vehicle. Tr. Sucy tried to flag the vehicle to stop but the vehicle accelerated quickly away from him. Tr. Sucy pursued the vehicle with his emergency lights and siren activated. After a short pursuit, the vehicle pulled into a local gas station in Littleton and stopped voluntarily. The suspect, a 27-year-old male from Littleton, was arrested for Failing to stop for an officer, violating a protection order (the victim was also in the van at the time of the incident), eluding an officer, driving to endanger, criminal speeding, operating after suspension, and the arrest warrant.  MORE HERE

Incident Type: OAS Date: 10/12/2016 Town: Wallagrass Trooper: Tr. Curtin Brief Synopsis: Tr. Curtin summoned a Fort Kent man for operating after suspension on Route 11 in Wallagrass. Tr. Curtin had stopped the man for speeding.

Incident Type: Traffic Stop Date: 10/12/2016 Town: Presque Isle Trooper: Cpl. Michaud Brief Synopsis: Cpl. Michaud stopped a vehicle in Presque Isle for appearing to have a broken frame. Once the vehicle was pulled over; and upon further inspection, Cpl. Michaud discovered that the frame and supports under the vehicle were severely rusted. The vehicle had been inspected in April of this year, and it was clear that the poor frame condition had not just happened in the last 4 months. A complaint was filed with the inspection station that performed the April inspection.

Incident Type: OUI Date: 10/15/2016 Town: Oakfield Trooper: Tr. Adams, Tr. Endre Brief Synopsis: The Houlton RCC received a call of a vehicle driving erratically on Route 11 in Masardis. Tr. Adams and Tr. Endre located the vehicle at the Oakfield Irving. Tr. Adams determined that the female operator had been drinking and performed SFST’s on the operator. After performing poorly on tests, the operator of the vehicle was arrested for OUI.

Incident Type: OUI Date: 10/14/2016 Town: Easton Trooper: Tr. Kilcollins Brief Synopsis: Tr. Kilcollins responded to a single vehicle crash in Easton. The driver, a 36 year old Easton man, was driving his friend’s truck after they had been bird hunting. The man claimed he believed a tire on the pickup blew causing him to go into the ditch, strike a culvert, roll the vehicle one time, and came to rest on the opposite side of the driveway. Tr. Kilcollins investigated the incident, had the man perform SFST’s, resulting in his arrest for OUI. The man was transported to the jail in Houlton. PHOTOS HERE

Incident Type: OAS Date: 10/15/2016 Town: Houlton Trooper: Tr. Adams, Tr. Endre Brief Synopsis: Tr. Adams stopped a vehicle on Route 1 in Houlton for a motor vehicle violation. A license check revealed that the operator had a suspended driving status and the operator was summonsed for criminal OAS.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.